Get Ready to Color: ‘Patterns of the Wheel’ Comes This Fall


Patterns of the Wheel CoverFans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series should make sure to stock up on crayons, fine-tipped markers, and colored pencils because Patterns of the Wheel, the first official Wheel of Time coloring book is on its way in the fall. In fact, it can be pre-ordered now from artist Amy Romanczuk’s site,

The pictures include an image of Bela running, wheel mandalas, scenes from the book re-interpreted, and, adds Romanczuk, “even a bit of Old Tongue.”

Additional details include:

  • 20 designs have been approved
  • Each drawing will be stand alone on high quality paper
  • A few books may be available for sale at JordanCon
  • Books will remain available on the artist’s website until all are gone.

Further details about pre-ordering, pricing, and shipping, are available on czuk it, Romanczuk’s blog and the book is available on


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