REVIEW: The Twilight Zone: Shadow #1




As someone who is new to the world of comic books, I jumped on this The Twilight Zone issue because I’m very familiar with the shows, their layout, and I love all things weird; if The Twilight Zone isn’t considered weird, I don’t know what it is.

The cover art, by Francesco Francavilla, really put me in the The Twilight Zone frame of mind; it brought me to a universe in which I know nothing is real, nothing can be taken at face value, and everyone is usually someone or something we never expected.

Let’s move to the illustrations: they were brilliant, colorful, and really helped this newbie move along with the plot. Though I’m not an expert, I’ve seen poorly done art and this is definitely NOT one of those; great work by Dave Acosta.

The story starts off in 1939 at Camp Siegfried in Yaphank, New York. Nazi sympathizers are holding a meeting and in comes The Shadow. Superhero? Anti-hero? I wasn’t sure at first. As the plot progresses, we meet Margo, who appears to be a cohort of The Shadow. I won’t lie- I have a girl crush on Margo: she’s independent, beautiful, smart, and a wise-ass.

Through beautiful, vibrant imagery, and lots of “Pows” and “Kabooms,” we are taken through the many faces The Shadow uses in his life. Without giving out spoilers, in true The Twilight Zone fashion, we are left at the end of Chapter One a little confused, creeped out by the story, and in desperate need of more.

As far as content goes, I didn’t read anything I wouldn’t want my own child viewing so I’d rate this PG for sure. If you’re concerned about the Nazi reference, then maybe you should hold off but otherwise, for $3.99, it’s a good read!

If you do pick this one up, let me know your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @LizaWrites19.



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