JPOP Summit 2016


Jpop enthusiasts: start amassing your outfits. There is a JPOP Summit happening in San Francisco. There is seriously a THREE DAY JPOP SUMMIT happening on July 22-July 24, 2016.

First, Jpop = Japanese pop music, though I would describe it as more like Japanese artists bringing anime to life into fantastical whimsical levels. Watch just one Jpop music video and it is a visual smorgasbord of amazing for your eyeballs.

Not only is this just a summit of music, there will also be fashion, which is not surprising since fashion and Jpop are barely separated. There will also be art, anime, food, and more. This sounds like a road trip is in order.

To get an idea of what three days of a Jpop summit will entail, the first announcement of artists have been announced. First idol who will be opening up the whole festival will be Kyary Pamyu Pamyu”.

Tickets will be going on sale on May 6,2016 on


KyaryPamyuPamyu_Clean    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a style completely of her own, an individual even in a Jpop landscape. Her high vocals alongside her Harajuku fashion has dubbed her the “Harajuku Pop Princess”.

Her style more is definitely eye catching. Her outfits are colorful, over the top, and unpredictable, so it’s no surprise that her music videos would be the same. If you have not seen the “Ponponpon” music video, I must give a warning: the chorus is repetitive, very repetitive.  This is probably a tactic to have you focus on all the crazy in this video: A cluttered room with multiple focus on pocky, bats flying out of her mouth, a masked large person gyrating, and eyeballs everyone. The video is definitely an experience.



Garnidelia is a prime example of ani-pop, a subset of Jpop. Ani-pop is short for anime-pop. For anyone who has watched anime, it is quickly noted how much focus the opening and the ending title song are given.  These songs are given bigger role than just being the connected with the show. They have their own special animated sequences and are full on productions.  Common characteristics of ani-pop are fast melodies, sweeping choruses, and a sense of an epic story waiting to happen.

Garnidelia delivers that in the inhumanely fast piano play and the deep vocals of the singer. The music videos are just insanely beautfiful and makes me itch to watch more anime.




JPS16_WORLDORDER_MAINYou may caught a glimpse of World Order during the 2014 Youtube Rewind video. If not, chec out the video below. This electronic dance group brings drill team into a whole other level.

   While these suit wearing dancers are bewildering public places with their signature slow-mo march, the songs plays on to make your body sway. Their live act must put people into a trance as they sway about.



JPS16_SilentSiren_MainSilent Siren

The vocals on this all girl rock group is not my favorite caliber. The pitch is high and the style way too cutesy-nineties for me but they did win with one thing in their video: strippers. I was surely not expecting that.


JPS16_WednesdayCampanella_MAINWednesday Campanella

For fans of the otherworldiness art style of Sia and Bjork, this artist may be one for you. Intensity is a great word for Wednesdat Campanella. Her soft voice does not hide the force of her words or the power behind them. She is someone who messages to deliver such as the very stylized video below.



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