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It’s that time again! Time to explore the world of cosplay by introducing yet another cosplay guest. This week our feature is none than Malik of Inked Up Cosplay! I met Malik through the charity group the Heroes and Villains of Tomorrow. Malik works with an assortment of metals and plastics. His Deathstroke blew me away at PHXCC 2015 so I got in contact with him and he agreed to chat with me about his costume endeavors!

Inked Up CosplayWelcome Malik! Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hey! My name is Malik and I am the founder of Inked up Cosplay. As far as who I am? That could take awhile. I’m a California Native who grew up in a home where art was plastered everywhere. My mom being a belly dancer/art teacher would even make her own outfits! From there art turned into comics for me. Batman being my first and then going from there. My favorite comic series will always be Captain Marvel or “Shazam”. Comics turned into video games and then I turned into a costume freak wanting to become those comic book, anime, or video game characters I looked up to.

Thank you for sharing your origins! It sounds as though you have already lived a very creative life! How did you get started as a cosplayer?

I basically started cosplay because I wanted to emulate and pay tribute to all of those characters I look up to.

That is a very noble intent. Cosplay started as a stress reliever for me and slowly developed into the goal of embodying those characters I loved so I can understand why the transformation is so appealing. Have you considered turning your hobby into a business?

Cosplay as a business? Geez, I haven’t really made any money off of it but I have done quite a bit on the volunteering end! I specialize in armor making. I’m talking real metal here. It’s crazy to think I’ve barely worked with foam and I’m good with metal work but hey, that’s who I am!

Your metal work with DeathStroke was awe-inspiring! Have any sponsors approached you asking for commission work or partnerships?

None but I do want to mention ThermoCosplay! I loved working with her. She is such an amazing person when it comes to costuming and helping others.

What are your dream cosplays?

Either Batman Beyond or TRON complete with a light cycle. I’m already working on Batman!

Batman Beyond was one of my favorite series! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! What advice do you have for current cosplays chasing their character dreams?

Advice to other cosplayers…that’s a big one. Never let anyone take down your dreams. Aspire to the standards YOU set for YOURSELF and forget about what others say. Take in the constructive criticism (positive or negative) and learn to separate that from just hate. Keep going and don’t let cosplay become a burden. Cosplay is something that should be freeing, don’t let it ever be anything but that!

How about future/aspiring cosplayers? What would you like to tell them?

For the future of cosplayers? Don’t let the old guys, like me, hold you back. Go beyond what we have created. Be original in your ideas never taking the same route as someone prior. Always, always, always add your own touch!

Last, but not least, are there any cosplayers that you look up to?

The cosplayer I look up to is Sam of ThermoCosplay. One of the greatest cosplay talents I’ve ever seen. She works her butt off accomplishing everything she can and breaks through any constraints put on her. She is an expert armor crafter, expert weapons crafter, and all in all an expert friend. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am without her and I appreciate the pushes she gave me.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Malik! For more information on Inked Up Cosplay visit him on FACEBOOK.

Here are just a few of Malik’s creations…


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