Spectrum #0


Spectrum #0 CoverSpectrum #0 begins on the heels of a dramatic invasion. Raaker, a former military Captain, is approached at a cemetery while mourning an unknown subject. Despite his attempt to send away his armed escort news of his former colleague’s death reveals to him that this invasion may be far more dangerous than any other he has faced.

Meanwhile, a lone girl travels a galactic port. We do not know what she is searching for, but we have her name: Scion. She is pursued by a group of alien mercenaries who insist on her return to “the rings.” Dead or alive: she is to come with them. In a sudden burst of power, we see that there is more than meets the eye with this childlike human.

Written by PJ Haarsma and Alan Tudyk Spectrum #0 introduces its readers to an Earth under constant intergalactic threat. A U.S. Captain and a lone human girl are the focus of issue #0. Together they paint a picture of a galaxy in turmoil. Produced by Nathan Fillion (yes my dear Firefly fans, Nathan is at it again) and Illustrated by Sarah Stone, this comic promises to be a big hit. The colors are vibrant, the scenes are dramatic and the character development (albeit minimal in this issue) is inspired. Want to know the good news? This comic will be available as a free issue during this year’s free comic book day on May 7th! Make sure to check your local listings OR visit this SITE for a shop near you that will host events during the upcoming free comic book day.

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