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Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film FestivalTo continue the rally cry for all this amazing and diverse, this is a recap of the 1st Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival . If you desire something new, fresh, and full of diversity, then festivals are the way to go. If comedy is the driving force, then 1st Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival  is a great place to start.

The festival is exactly what it is named. It collected numerous shorts ranging between 1 minutes to twenty minutes along and premiered in a two hour format. The core of the festival is to bring short comedy, web series, episodes, comedy screenplays, and dark comedy onto the big screen for public and industry viewing. Although this reviewer was only able to attend the first night, it was still enough to appreciate the amazing talent. Comedy is a notoriously hard medium to deliver. Humor is very subjective and can often fall flat. Trying to produce a comedic story in a short format brings its own difficulty in budget, presentation, and sheer delivery. From that one night, the festival showcased a tight selection of shorts that were just as varied in its humor and style.  In one screening, the audience experienced a wide range of comedy from shorts that were more drama than comedy to absolute sheer mayhem.

On a personal note, this is the sort of quirky festival to have fun and be awed. Some of these shorts had amazing production. Some seriously should be sitcoms. With the short formats, jokes and hilarity just continually came and wouldn’t wane. Even the weird, head scratching one didn’t really detract from the fun. Seriously though, Seth, was funny but in a very demented, questioning my own sanity way.

Since the festival was sponsored by BITPIX, you can also watch the shorts in case you missed it! Although  it won’t be the same as watching on the big screen with other quirky folks, it’s always great to support the artists and the platforms that support them.

Here is a sampling of personal favorites from the festival:

THE LONG ARM OF THE LEPRECHAUN–  Inspired by a true story, witness the insanity that comes from obsessing over a viral video. It was just a silly viral video of a bad police drawing. A viral video that inspired a well-intention ed girlfriend to find a shirt just in time for St. Patricks Day. Except, it doesn’t go as according to plan.

The style of this video really cracked me up. It reminded me of those long ago nineties made for TV movies where it was supposed to be a “horror” but really it was just full of cheesy factors. What ultimately surprised me was the cameo of James Hong (the super coool Asian guy in almost every movie I watch….).

The absolute coolest part of the short was the leprechan. So shiny and bursting with David Bowie glitter.

DUBSTEP DODGEBALL– Purely an excuse on the alliteration, this short was silly but also a visual crack candy.  Two dodgeball groups face off one another in a dub step battlefield. Full of neon special effects and slight similarities to Pokemon and Kung Fu Hustle, this was just a guilty pleasure for the eyes. I truly wub-wubbed it.

MANAGER– Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the festival, this was the hands down one of the coolest shorts at the festival. A loud mouth manager of an apartment full of Korean senior citzenens finds one of the residents dead. Convinced that the resident was murdered, the manager goes about trying to solve the mystery.

The production style of the video is spectacular. I was sorely disappointed that this is not a full length cinematic feature. Plus it just tickles the morbid comedy soul in me so much. It’s full  of curse words, sex, contemplation during recreational drug use, stoic Korean senior citizens, and some Kpop.

During the Q & A, the audience found out that the main actor really is a manager of an apartment complex. In fact, that’s the building he manages. Those are indeed the residing residents.

Inside the TCL Chinese theaters, Fangirl Nation was able to attend the red carpet event for this event. Check out the video below to see some of the onscreen interviews.


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