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Welcome to another feature of the week! This week’s cosplay enthusiast hails from Hogwarts…ok, maybe he doesn’t but he makes one dang good Ron Weasley! Please welcome Vorpal Props! Matt, founder of Vorpal Props, started costuming in 2003 and has not looked back. So…let’s take a look with him into the past, present and future of his cosplay endeavors!
Vorpal Props
Welcome Vorpal Props! Please tell us a bit about yourself…

My name’s Matt; I’m 31 and I’m an electronic technician. I spend a lot of time playing video games, watching anime, making nerdy costumes and props and drinking. I’m mostly a sucker for strange things, jrpgs and tragedies.

Thank you for sharing! I, too, enjoy a video game now and again. So, how did you get your start in cosplay?

I got into cosplay by seeing it at my very first anime con (A-kon 2002 I believe). It looked like so much fun that I vowed to make a cosplay when I went the following year. Now here I am having met lots of amazing people through the hobby.

It’s incredible how one inspiration can beget hundreds of ideas and years of dedication to a craft you did not know was meant for you, isn’t it? Has cosplay evolved into a business for you?

Cosplay is less of a business and more of a profitable hobby for me. I specialize in making props and armor and usually just do occasional commissions or sell resin casts.

Hobbies are difficult to abandon for business; I commend you for sticking to what you love and using your day job as a method of funding your creative endeavors. Afterall, creativity is a wonderful stress reliever. I’ve seen you work and am positive you have worked with a sponsor or two. Do you mind telling us a bit about that?

The biggest sponsor I’ve ever worked with would be Sentai Filmworks. They were super cool, but unfortunately the project I did ended up having some issues on my end so that caused a lot of stress. But it was still cool working on something for them.

That’s incredible! I can only dream of working with a big company right now…so many opportunities are open for the taking! You’ve completed a lot of costumes, do you still have a dream build in your cosplay wish list?

My dream cosplay is probably some sort of intense monster hunter armor or the enclave power armor from Fallout. Both are franchises I’m in love with.

I ADORE Fallout! Enclave power armor would be a sight to see! What advice would you like to offer current cosplayers/costumers?

My advice for current cosplayers: don’t be afraid to learn about or try new things. There’s a lot of great information out there and that’s where I learned most of what I know.

I agree! Cosplayers: Google and fellow costumers are your best resources! Do you have any advice for aspiring cosplayers?

To future cosplayers: don’t be afraid to try. The only costume you won’t make is the one you never start. Sure you might fail or have set backs, but you will learn a lot in the process and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

Do you have any favorite builds or costumes you would like to speak about?

I honestly like a lot of what I’ve made. I think I’m the proudest of my Russian Jaeger pilot helmet from Pacific Rim. Also my Ron Weasley costume, because despite all my skills, it’s still one of the most fun to wear. You don’t always need something crazy to have fun cosplaying.

Have any cosplayers inspired your journey along the way?

I have a lot of cosplay role models. But I have to say my biggest inspirations were Volpin Props and Blind Squirrel. I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have without all the knowledge they have shared.

If you would like to know more about Vorpal Props visit him at:

Here are a few of the props and costumes Matt has completed over the years…

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Photo Credit: All photos obtained from Vorpal Props.


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