Cosplay Feature of the Week: The Sexy Cheshire Cosplay


Hello everyone and welcome to our newest installment for our Cosplay Feature of the Week! Today’s cosplayer hails from Arizona: The Sexy Cheshire Cosplay! I met Tabitha (aka Sexy Cheshire) at a Heroes and Villains of Tomorrow event in 2015. She was sassy, confident, friendly and beautiful! I enjoyed speaking with her and will now share some of what she has to offer the cosplay community with all of you!

Sexy Cheshire Cosplay

Welcome to the Cosplay Feature of the Week Tabitha! Why don’t you tell us about yourself…

I am a quality specialist monitoring calls for a government contract. My favorite comic is Wonder Woman however; right now I am really into Harley Quinn. I am currently 34 years old and looking forward to my Birthday this month!

What about cosplay captivates you?

I was not really a comic book ‘nerd’ so to speak but I have always liked Superheroes and back in 2014 I got more into comic books and started collecting Wonder Woman because she is my favorite superhero. She is strong and she represents what women should. My husband Adam Walsh (Speed Force Photography) asked if I wanted to go to a Comicon and I was like, “Sure sounds like fun, should I dress up?”. He told me it was completely up to me if I wanted to or not so I thought let’s see what I can find.

I found a website that had plus size costumes (because it is difficult to find my size) however: I didn’t know what I wanted to dress as…then I found it, the perfect costume. That is when The Sexy Cheshire was born. I went to Free Comic Book day in May of 2014 wearing my costume because I wanted to give it a test run before the convention. June 2014 I attended my first Comic Convention which was Phoenix Comicon. I went all 3 days but only dressed up on Saturday. It was overwhelming because I had never experienced anything so amazing. I was nervous at the same time because I didn’t know what to expect but I received no negative feedback and I felt comfortable in my own skin. As they say [in the cosplay community]: I felt like I belonged.

That’s a wonderful story. It’s nice to see how positive an impact cosplay has had on your life. Is cosplay your business? Or just a hobby?

My cosplay has not evolved into a business yet. Right now I just make my own accessories for my costumes and I really want to get into more prop building and armor.

Have any big sponsors approached you yet?

I don’t have any big sponsors and haven’t been approached about sponsorship.

Let’s chat about dreams…what cosplay(s) do you dare to build?

My dream cosplay would either be Ms. Marvel or Zatanna.

What advice would you like to impart on current cosplayers?

The advice I would give current cosplayers would be to continue the excellent work they are doing and continue to grow.

How about aspiring cosplayers? What would you like to tell them?

One thing I can say is don’t give up. I was nervous to even start cosplaying because I am a plus size woman.

Alright Tabitha, one final question for you dear: Who has inspires you in the Cosplay Community?

My cosplay role model would be Ivy Doomkitty: she has inspired me with her panels on Body Confidence. I have received the opportunity to meet her twice at Comicon and she loved the progress that I made from the first year to the second.

If you would like to see more of The Sexy Cheshire’s work please visit here on…

Here are a few of Tabitha’s incredible cosplays…


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