Thirteen Ways to Celebrate Friday the 13th



Adopt a Black Cat on Friday the 13th

1. Adopt a black cat. Many shelters have specials on black cats at this time of year. Why waste time waiting for fate to send one across your path when you can have your own?

2. Go for a picnic in the woods. Find a nice grove of trees, pull out your darkest tablecloth, and enjoy the spread. Bonus points for putting the salt somewhere unstable where it might tip.

3. Bake a black forest cake. Whether or not you go into the woods, you can bring some into your life with this delicious black, chocolate cake.

4. Drink….wine. There are plenty of good red wines out there for you to enjoy with your meal! Grab a glass and enjoy. It’s really good with chocolate and on picnics too. Just don’t share any with the cat.

5. Dye your hair. Always wanted to be a blond? Now’s the time! You can also try black; there are some very good temporary dyes if you’re not ready to go all out.

6. Invite twelve people over for dinner. Midway through the meal, turn out all the lights and finish by candlelight.

7. Watch your favorite horror movie or two. You can even watch Friday the 13th. Have a marathon with your twelve friends.

8. Drizzle dark chocolate on the popcorn and serve it in a black bowl.

9. Wear black. Of course! This is quite the simplest way to celebrate, and there are some wonderful black, gauzy clothes and vests that you’ll never find a better time to wear.

10. Dance by the light of the moon.

11. Go fishing for salmon.

12. Cook the salmon over a campfire by the lake. Enjoy a pleasant night camping afterward.

13. Avoid paraskevidekatriaphobia, but say it often. It’s an amazing word, and you won’t have many chances to use it.

How about you? Got any plans to celebrate this Friday the 13th?


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