Rat Queens #16: Something Fishy This Way Comes


RatQueens16_CoverDee, Betty and Violet return to Palisade after a gut wrenching separation from their dear friend Hannah. Despite the drama of the past issue the three appear to be in good health and their humor has improved. Dee regards Palisade with disdain while Violet is aching to see her one and only: Dave. After a quiet stroll through the city it is apparent that something is not quite right with Palisade…then a person flies through a bar window and all is explained. Palisade has been invaded by…DRUNKS. Yes, DRUNKS.

Amid the chaos of drunken brawling, chatter and dancing Violet does, indeed, find Dave and their reunion could not be sweeter. Unfortunately, dreams are often dashed for the Queens as Violet soon discovers her brother (with whom she has had many a verbal battle) has moved into Palisade. While Violet relaxes with Dave, Dee heads to the bar and contemplates the unusual pattern of behavior in Palisade. This contemplation is broken by constant interruption, a brief interlude with an unwelcome face and the discovery that something just IS NOT right about the city right now.

This issue holds true to the excitement of issues past. After reading the colorful panels and delightful conversations however; I am beginning to wonder: could Palisade have a doppleganger issue? Is anyone REAL in Palisade? There is certainly SOMETHING off about the people in this issue and only time will tell if it’s a change in writing OR if something more sinister is afoot.

Written by Kurtis J Wiebe with Art by Tess Fowler Rat Queens continues to show case the strength of an all female warrior crew and the calamity of the world which in they live.

Make sure to stop by your local comic retailer and pick up issue #16 OR you can visit IMAGE COMICS for a digital download. Will you be as perplexed as I am by the oddity of behavior in this issue? Or will you suspect as I have…that another quest is just around the corner for our vivacious Rat Queens? See you soon fan girls!


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