Cards Against Humanity Releases a Trump Bug-Out Bag And It Sells Out in No Time


Cards Against Humanity has done some pretty funny things in the past few years. Whether it was sending fans bull poop, nothing, or even a series of Hannukah gifts- including giving Chinese workers a paid holiday- CAH has proven time and again that they are out to use their means to entertain and share important messages.


This time, they have their sights set on Donald Trump:

Today, Cards Against Humanity is releasing a limited-edition Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag, a pre-packed duffle bag with over a dozen items to help you survive the apocalypse that will certainly transpire when Donald Trump becomes president, including a gas mask, seed packets, unmarked currency from four Latin American countries, and 25 new Cards Against Humanity cards.

Unfortunately, all 10,000 sold out in record time. If you’re wondering what people are thinking about for the upcoming election, here’s a pretty good sign.

You can take a closer look at what was inside  here:


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