Unboxing Power, the May Level Up by Loot Crate


The May Level Up by Loot Crate is a fun one.

Avengers Charm Bracelet from the May Level Up by Loot CrateFirst, and best, is the Loot-Crate exclusive Avengers charm bracelet. That’s just fabulous, and I cannot wait to wear it. It looks good and it looks like it will last, and it will go nicely with the Batman and Superman necklaces from an earlier Loot Crate.

Socks from the May Level Up Loot CrateThen there are socks (See, Level Up remembered them). This time, it’s a pair of Super Mario Bros. socks, which are quite striking with their yellow star on a blue background pattern. The He-Man socks are, honestly, on the tacky side, so just how much you like the show is going to factor into how often (or whether) you wear them.
He-Man T-shirtThe He-Man Battle-Cat shirt is great: The jungly green silhouette of a sharp-toothed cat with a recognizable figure holding a sword silhouetted in black against it. Definitely a T-shirt worth having, even for those who only mildly liked the show.
Lord of the Rings Precioussss T-ShirtThe Lord of the Rings long-sleeve shirt has rather thin fabric. The Ring outline in Elvish is sharp-looking, but it is a pity that it is the Ring and not something a bit more light-side. Is it just me, or do the Loot Crates favor the villains? The Preciousss on the back made me laugh, though.
Super Mario bros. infinity scarf spread out

Super Mario bros. infinity scarf spread out

There’s also an Super Mario Bros. infinity scarf for women, which is a fun combination of elegance and geekiness.

Overall, this is a fun entry into the Loot Crate Level Up monthly envelopes. So far, while both Loot Crate and Loot Crate Level Up have been fun, I’d say the Level Up wins out most months.


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