Mistress of Death: Ralph Giorno M.D.’s ‘Blood Trails’ Makes Me Worry About Medical Tests


cover80142-mediumMany of us have had that experience of waiting to have blood drawn or some other strange test. Whether it’s a urine test for a new job or a routine blood draw to check our health, medical tests are considered a necessary evil in the United States and Canada. Of course, then there’s those cases where the tests are done incorrectly or the data is skewed. That’s when you have to worry.

In the book
Blood Trails by Ralph Giorno M.D., many of our well established beliefs about the medical field come crashing down. Did you know that you don’t really need to fast before a blood test, and often it is frowned upon because you might pass out? I know I didn’t. Giorno discusses all the things that can go wrong, including the time of day you have your test, the way the vials are stored, the temperature in which the vials are stored, and how long it takes them to be tested. Yeah, there’s a lot of factors that can go wrong.

Giorno doesn’t intentionally try to fear monger, but he does make sure to thoughtfully point out areas where our medical system may not have everything on the up and up. For example, did you know that some medical tests are only “lab approved” and not regulated outside of a particular lab company? In one instance, a particularly expensive blood tests was pushed on patients and insurance companies, only to be discovered to be a completely worthless after sometime. Even worse, these types of tests can remain in rotation for years before their results are considered to be unnecessary. It made me wonder how many expensive tests I’ve paid for over the years that yielded no important results.

If you prefer charts and visual representations,
Blood Trails does a great job of including researched data in graphs and images to help make a point.  Giorno uses facts and actual cases to back up his research.

Blood Trails is an excellent book if you’re wanting to be a well-researched patient. As medical care in our country becomes more and more of a political power play, it’s important to know what goes on in our daily care and what we can do to make sure we get the best treatments possible.

Blood Trails by Ralph Giorno M.D. is available now. It is currently free on Kindle Unlimited through Amazon.


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