Beautiful Destruction in the Extended Trailer for Independence Day: Resergance


Independence Day: Resurgence Gravity Stops working

Normally, I get grumpy when all a trailer shows is a lot of things being destroyed and some clever one-liners. The thing with Independence Day: Resurgence is that they do the destruction so well. All of that smoke, clouds, massive waves tipping ships over, and gravity reversal lifting an entire city’s worth of buildings up. It’s beautifully done.

And no one can really complain that it isn’t following up on the promise of the first Independence Day which was also a story of plucky underdogs defeating an overwhelming enemy and also had a lot of wonderful destruction. Independence Day: Resurgence is making no pretense at being anything other than a summer popcorn film, and that is more than ok.

It also does take the trouble to give everyone a look at the rebuilt Earth, one that has been using the aliens’ technology for a while, integrating it into everyday life, taking the trouble to posit a world where that first alien invasion had a worldwide impact and everything has not run just the same as it has on our Earth with one or two minor differences. That is a touch not everyone bothers with, and it’s much appreciated here.

It also brings back a lot of familiar faces from the first movie, older and having moved on with their lives–but also ready to take up fighting again.

Independence Day: Resurgence Gravity loses its hold on people

Synopsis for Independence Day: Resurgence

We always knew they were coming back. After INDEPENDENCE DAY redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global catastrophe on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

They've touched down over the entire Atlantic


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