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Michael R. UnderwoodThe Shootout SolutionMichael R Underwood wrote Geekomancy. Then he wrote the quite insane and very good “The Shootout Solution,” Genrenauts, episode 1 (Victoria’s enthusiastic review is here), and he’s written a whole bunch else.. Now he’s running a Kickstarter so he can publish the rest of the series, and we think he should succeed–mostly because we want to read more of the stories, and we want you to read them, too. Also, it will be nice to have a paperback with all the linked novellas together.

He’s close to his goal, but as the saying goes, “almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” There are fifteen days left for him to reach the goal and maybe, perhaps, get to some of those stretch goals. These, by the way, include audiobooks for episodes 3-6,

If genre-saving heroes interest you, head over to to help fund the project.

About Genrenauts:

Fantasy. Mystery. Science Fiction. Romance. We know these genres from TV and comics and more, but in Genrenauts, each genre is also a world unto itself, inhabited by archetypal characters and filled with the tropes we all know and love.

When stories on these worlds go off-track, you send in the Genrenauts. This team of narrative specialists travels across dimensions to find, analyze, and fix broken stories. If they don’t, the ripples manifest as violence and upheaval in our own world (​when ​Science Fiction World goes off-track​, ​scientific innovation stagnates​ and ​exploration halts; ​when ​Fantasy World goes off-track​, ​xenophobia rise​s and ​​​cultural rifts widen​, etc.​).

Stand-up comedian Leah Tang is recruited to join the Genrenauts as stories are breaking at a record pace. Will she adapt to the bizarre and dangerous life of a Genrenaut, or will she end up as just another broken story?



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