‘Nobody Likes a Goblin’ a Tale of Friendship and Adventure by Ben Hatke


Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke CoverNobody Likes a Goblin. Goblin lives in an old dungeon, alone except for a few bats and his best friend, Skeleton. Then one day, a band of adventurers comes through and takes everything, including Skeleton. Goblin resolves to go find his best friend and bring him back. He quickly learns that out in the wide world, nobody likes a goblin; their immediate assumption is “a filthy goblin!” Fortunately, Goblin also has friends.

Like all of Hatke’s work, Nobody Likes a Goblin is energetic, sweet, funny, and has a main character with an unusual combination of heroic traits. Goblin isn’t a hero because he can fight; he’s a hero because he cares about his friend and goes hunting for him. He and Skeleton make further unlikely friendships on their travels. Hatke’s art shows a delightfully varied and strange looking group of goblins gathered together at one point—some are quite birdlike, some a bit more like ant-eaters, and others like the more traditionally pictured goblin. Hatke takes advantage of the page spread to show how small Goblin is in the big, wide world and how cozy a dungeon can be, if you’re used to it.

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Nobody Likes a Goblin will delight children with its tale of adventure and friendship. Anyone who has played any RPG will get an extra layer of delight from recognizing common elements—adventurers always take everything–shown from a different point of view. And, yes, the adventuring patty has a thief, a warrior, a wizard and is a combination of human, elf, and dwarf members.

Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke comes out from First Second on June 7, 2016. To pre-order from Amazon, click the link in the title.


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