Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1


TankGirl_Preview2TG-2G1T-1-PREVIEW6-c33eaMagnolia Jones is your average art dealer. She strives to acquire unique pieces to display in her show room and what her assistant Rob Roy Fingerhead has up his sleeve in this issue of Two Girls One Tank rocks her world!

Tank Girl has a problem: after visiting her sick Aunty she returns home to discover that her most prized possession is missing: HER tank. When Tank Girl realizes that her mechanical soul mate may be lost forever she’s determined to start anew and heads to Allison Springs where a big payload is sure to give her the chance at rebuilding her dreams…

Tank Girl has always been a comic full of rampant sexual themes, kleptomania and unusual animal pairings. All of which culminates into one wild ride for its reader! This newest story in the Tank Girl series takes the reader through the lives of TWO tank girls: our original “heroine” and a newcomer who has admired Tank Girl her entire life. The art work is fantastic and the inks/colors preach to the strength of this series. Written by Allen Martin and drawn by Brett Parson, the first issue in Two Girls One Tank is sure to please the avid Tank Girl reader with its wild themes, new characters, familiar faces, marsupial husbands, party-drunk friends and decaf addicted deviants!
To pick up a copy visit your local comic book shop or navigate on over to http://www.tank-girl.com/. Happy reading!


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