Dracula Starring Mark Gatiss Released by Big Finish


Dracula Staring Mark GatisFeel like having Halloween in the springtime? Big Finish has just released a three hour, full-cast production of Dracula starring none other than Mark Gatiss as the voice of the Count.

The synopsis offers familiar territory for those who have read the book as well as indications that it might go ahead of the book in time. Jonathan Harker visits a mysterious count in Transylvania, only to find himself facing unexpected threats. Then Dracula threatens Mina Murray and Lucy Westenra. And then the synopsis hints that the dramatization may go further afield by asking “can the undead ever truly perish?” One wonders what is in store for the band of heroes.

As you can hear from the sample below, the Count in this dramatization has a deadly voice and a taste for the poetic:

What do you think? Want some darkness in your summer?

Synopsis for the Big Finish Dracula

When a young solicitor, Jonathan Harker, visits the heart of Transylvania – ostensibly to meet reclusive nobleman Count Dracula – he cannot begin to imagine what horrors might lie in store for him there… or the chain of events he will set in motion at Castle Dracula.

Soon, Dracula’s bloodlust spreads to England’s shores, and Harker’s fiancée, Mina Murray, becomes embroiled in his affairs. Her best friend, Lucy Westenra, falls victim to the vampire’s thirst, and it is only with the help of an unlikely bunch of allies that the Count might be defeated… but can the undead ever truly perish?


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