A Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent? Who Wants to Go Camping?


So, it hasn’t actually been built yet, but Dave of Dave’s Geeky Ideas has posted a design for a Star Trek shuttlecraft tent, suitable for boldly going camping in Yosemite or anywhere else.

The tent is shaped like a shuttlecraft, opens in the back, and has a shuttle thruster for a carry-case, and would fit two sleepy campers. As Dave points out, “Star Trek V began with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy camping in the great outdoors.” And we know that at least some of those away missions lasted for more than a day. Surely the crew didn’t sleep in those horrible upright chairs every time? I mean, sure, sometimes they had giant furry things throwing spears at them, but there must have been some peaceful nights.

Star Trek Shuttlecraft carry case

The carry case looks very much like a shutter thruster

Star Trek Shuttlecraft Side View

Tent/Shuttlecraft side view

Star Trek Shuttle Tent Back opening

The back opening

Now, who wants to build the thing?

I’ll bring the marshmelons!

*We can skip the sing-along afterward.


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