Catching Up: I Hate Fairyland #5


ihatefairyland05_CoverArtAOh how I have missed the maniacal whimsy of Fairyland and the dear heroine Gertrude.

For twenty six years Gertrude has been trapped in Fairyland. Traipsing in the same body she came to Fairyland with, she searches for the key to go home. No matter how many riddles solved, friendships made, or objects found, she just cannot find it. Surrounded by diabetes- inducing environment, she did what any person who do in her situation. Annihilate all who gets in her way, no matter the bloodshed.

From previous issues, Gertude became involved in a direct competition for the key with full of smiles newcomer, Happy. Queen Cloudia, ruler of Fairyland, was desperate to stop the carnage of her world by exploiting a loop hole. If two children become involved with the quest, the first child who finds the key and walks through will go home. The other will stay in Fairyland and become a subject. As a citizen of Fairyland, that child is no longer protected. Punishment and death can occur. So Gertrude is in a bit of pickle and does what anyone else would do. Go to the baddest character of them all and illicit some help.

The fifth issue of I Hate Fairyland is the final story in the first arc. As hilarious and ridiculous the journey has been, the final issue has some pretty suspenseful scenes and surprises. No one to give away a spoiler, you would just have to read it to see what it is. Ultimately it made sense how Gertrude opens and it also does one more amazing thing. It opens up for more issues to come! That is right! This is just Volume 1  of the series and I am completely pumped for the future.

Overall, the series has been immensely satisfying for my candy coated macabre. The blatant destruction and bloodshed is so cathartic. There is an amazing calm that befalls after reading an issue. Knowing that of all the characters in the comic book landscape full of power and moral codes, there is one character of green ringlets who gives zero f**ks or hesitation to swing that gory axe upon you.  It is the next level of enjoyment for those are fans of Beetlejuice , Pee Wee Herman, and Drop Dead Fred. This is a brightly artistic series that takes the same lovable lunacy and flips on the bloodshed switch. Oh, it has been an enjoyable adventure indeed!

Since April 2016, all of the issues have culminated in I Hate Fairyland: Volume 1 available in digital and paperback format.  I cannot stop recommending this series and I am pretty sure you won’t either. I would also recommend following Skottie Young’s website. He’s got some amazing sketches.




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