‘Peel Back The Skin’ A Dark Fiction Anthology Released Today


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Like horror? Like looking sideways at your neighbors and jumping every time an co-worker walks by?Enjoy work by writers like Nancy A. Collins, Yvonne Navarro, and Lucy Taylor? Then you might want to read Peel Back the Skin, a new book out today from Grey Matter Press which they describe as:

a powerhouse anthology of terror that removes the human mask from the real monsters that walk among us, those who stare back at us from our own mirrors. PEEL BACK THE SKIN begins up a new chapter in the man as monster saga that started as soon as human’s first walked upright and evolved into the killing machines they are.

So, no vampires, no werewolves, no things that go bump in the night, just–us. Human beings. The stories are not set in isolated, ghostly manors. They take place in suburban America, on freeways, and the merciless Arizona desert. They involve people like fathers trying to defend their children, drivers in the middle of road rage, and neighbors trying to live with each other–and evil. All of them are about human evil.

Grey Matter Press has provided a list of authors and stories:

Nancy A. Collins – “Gator Lake”
Ray Garton – “Burning Leaves on an Autumn Day”
Ed Kurtz – “Family Bible”
Tim Lebbon – “The Protector”
James Lowder – “Orphans of the Air”
Jonathan Maberry – “Mystic”
Graham Masterton- “The Greatest Gift”
Joe McKinney – “The Shed”
William Meikle – “The Lady of the Minch”
Charles Austin Muir – “Party Monster”
John McCallum Swain – “Beholder”
Yvonne Navarro – “Superheated”
Lucy Taylor – “Moth Frenzy”
Durand Sheng Welsh – “Life or Whatever Passes for It”
Erik Williams – “The Long Bright Descent”

Peel Back the Skin is available through:
Amazon US: Kindle and Trade Paperback
Amazon UK – Kindle and Trade Paperback
Amazon Canada – Kindle and Trade Paperback
Amazon Australia – Kindle and coming soon in Trade Paperback

Further details about the stories can be found on peelbacktheskin.greymatterpress.com


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