Symmetry Volume #1


SymmetryV1_Cover Top Cow Productions takes all the great scientific intrigue in Issues 1 – 4 of Symmetry and binds them in this 132 page volume. Each issue is separated by a lovely cover image that provides its reader with a brief glimpse into the story they are about to read. Once you have perused all four issues Matt Hawkins, writer and creator of Symmetry, provides a “Sociology” class. This insight into the “Utopia” that is Symmetry and explains some of the choices its leaders have had to make to maintain balance in an otherwise unstable world.

For those of you who have not have the opportunity to read Symmetry here is a brief overview…

In a world in harmony the only goal all strive to achieve is Symmetry. From birth humans are outfitted with a personal AI called RAINA. This AI communicates with the Master AI: Sol. Sol seeks to maintain Community, Harmony, Peace and Tranquility above all else. Humanity has not needed to fend for itself in ages therefore it is no surprise thar, when a solar flare renders SOl inoperable for a short period of time and deactivates some of humanity’s RAINAs, some of humanity loses balance and falls into a rebellious spirit the likes of which have been unknown for centuries. Armed with little else but instinct, a few humans seek out SOL to obtain the one thing they realize is most important: FREEDOM.

If that snippet of information has enticed you please feel free to read our previews of issues 1, 3 & 4 here:

Happy reading!


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