The Top 5 Kickstarter Projects You Should Be Backing


Kickstarter is a crowd funding site for professionals, amateurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. It focuses primarily on the arts and/or creative endeavors of individuals/groups who are struggling to bring their vision(s) to life. In 2015 Kickstarter became what is known as a “Benefit Corporation”. Benefit Corporations consider their impact on economic growth by listening not only to their shareholders but to society as well. In doing this they are able to to help support growing businesses and keep up with trending ideas. There is just one teeny, tiny problem with this concept: it generates A LOT of attention. So much that it can be difficult for a sponsor/supporter to decide what project they want to back in the sea of brilliance found on the Kickstarter website.

This is where we come in. FanGirl Nation has perused Kickstarter and come up with the top FIVE projects we think deserve a little love…

  1. Men Vs Cosplay
  2. menvscosplayFounded by Anabel Martinez, the Men Vs. Cosplay Calendar has had several lucrative years. Cosplayers from around the globe are invited to submit their pictures for inclusion in this specialized calendar. Most of the hard work goes unpaid and we applaud Anabel for her dedication to providing cosplay fans with a calendar that celebrates male cosplay characters. This year’s project aims to offer 365 days of Cosplay pleasure with a different costumer each day. If you love cosplay head on over to the Men Vs Cosplay Kickstarter and show Anabel some love by contributing.

  3. Free Your Eyes
  4. FreeYourEyes
    FingerTip Labs knows that the world, and its people, is driven by technology. They also know that technology has become a dangerous distraction for some while driving, working and/or when care giving. In an attempt to reduce the risk involve with checking your favorite app(s) they have created a bluetooth device that no longer requires your visual attention. How is this possible? By using your sense of touch and your voice you can command this device to check texts, voicemail, facebook, twitter, etc. All without looking down. The device relays information audibly and allows you to decide how you want to respond. It currently only works with Apple devices but its future iterations promise a broader availability.

  5. MUV: Clean and Safe Water
  6. MUV
    As someone who enjoys the outdoors I am often found carrying water. While I ADORE my Camelbag it is often a burden carrying anywhere from 5-10 pounds of water. It is also just as difficult to find clean water when you run out of what you are carrying. This is why we are PSYCHED about this new clean water filter. MUV is an adaptable water filler that removes contaminants from water sources and provides clean drinking water. It comes in three different “styles” (each filters out different types of contaminants) so you can work around your budget. MUV has packages ranging from $18 to $125 and it is NOT battery operated. It is reusable, clean and appears to be recyclable as well. So get a “MUV” on a donate to this incredible idea!

    CRADLE tells the story of a man struggling with his purpose in society after losing both his arms during the Iraqi war. War is constant and it never changes…it’s a sad truth and often the veterans/survivors of these brutal battles are cast aside for newer, younger, stronger warriors. This brief animation offer insight into the world of a wounded veteran. Animated by Devon Manney, the project aims to inform people of “phantom limb” syndrome and explain the turmoil those who have seen battle suffer from. As the sole artist and writer for this animation, Devon is looking for support to hire colorists and sound mixers/composers for this endeavor. We are all for supporting the little guys/gals here at FGN and would love to see this project come to fruition.

  9. WYND
  10. WYND
    Air quality is an issue in both cities small and large; in communities near and far. Whether you are walking your dog, having a drink with a few friends at a bar or jogging through a park you are exposing yourself to harmful particulates that can cause upper respiratory discomfort/distress. For individuals susceptible to these conditions breathing is a stressor that can cause attacks. WYND aims to resolve those issues by purifying the air around you. It lasts for up to 8 hours and can remove up to 70% of pollutants from the air surrounding you. Did we mention it also has a fan that can cool you? This idea is brilliant when you want to avoid going out on a high pollution day but cannot. It is also great for those who have asthma or other upper respiratory conditions. Why do we like it? Well…who DOESN’T want clean air?

    Have other projects you would like to suggest? Share them in the comments below and thank you for reading!


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