Cosplay Feature of the Week: Sapphire Starlight


Whew! It has been a WEEK! Between Phoenix Comicon, Cosplay and Tutorials I nearly forgot about the best part of the week: COSPLAY FEATURE DAY!!!! Today we bring to you the one and only Sapphire Starlight of Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Hello Sapphire! Why don’t you take a moment to tell us about yourself…

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve always been a creative trouble maker, I would run around the house in a Tinkerbell costume throwing handfuls of glitter in the air excitedly shouting that “I had faith, trust and pixie dust magic!”

I currently work for and with my Great Aunt, she has Alzheimer’s and Dementia; I do whatever I can to help around her house.

As for a few of my favorite things…My favorite comic book series is Batman. My favorite Manga series is Fairy Tail. My favorite game is Alice: Madness Returns. My favorite movies are Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Alice in wonderland (2010).

Thank you for sharing those tid bits about yourself! I especially appreciate the pixie dust 😉 How did you get wrapped up in this wonderful world of cosplay?

What got me started in cosplay is a bit more of a who not a what…

My first memory of cosplay is when I was eight years old and my mother made me a perfect replica of Sleeping Beauty’s pink dress. I wore it everywhere and I acted like Princess Aurora everywhere I went in that costume. The next memory is from October 2015 when my boyfriend begged me to cosplay as Asuna Yūki from Sword Art Online with him as Kazuto Kirigia better known as Kirito. I agreed and we’ve been going to conventions and events has exploded since then, he and I have thus far only done couples cosplays.

That sounds like a terrific introduction to cosplay! Has anyone approached you with business ideas yet?

Cosplay hasn’t yet become a business for me yet. I don’t know if it ever will. I do specialize in hand embroidery, hand beading and prop painting.

Embroidery is, in my opinion, an incredible skill to possess. I am most certainly not patient enough for such a skill…I am nicknamed the “microwave artist” because I am in one minute and done the next. Your cosplays are very professional and clean, has anyone offered to sponsor you?

I haven’t had any large groups sponsor me. I was a part of Seishin Kitsune Cosplay Guild however, the girl who started the whole guild disbanded it by herself without any input from anyone else.

I am sorry to hear about your guild and wish you the best in finding groups with similar interests in the future. Let’s brighten the mood a bit: Why don’t you share with us what your dream cosplay is?

My dream cosplay is Bloom from Winx club.

She is really cool! I have not had the opportunity to watch much of that series but I hear it’s a lot of fun. Do you have any advice for cosplayers?

The advice I have for current and future cosplayers is be yourself, cosplay who you want, don’t let other people tell you what characters you can and cannot cosplay, find one you relate to and put the love and care and be proud of that cosplay.

That’s great advice! Has anyone inspired you to promote those beliefs? Or do you have a cosplayer you admire?

My cosplay role model is definitely Yaya Han, she’s made such a huge impact on the world cosplay wise and it’s inspiring.

Thank you for sharing with us Sapphir Starlight! If you would like see more from this cosplayer she can be found on the following social media platforms:

Here are a few of Sapphire’s lovely cosplays…


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