Review: The Fix #3


Here is a great comic that I would love to review purely on it’s own merit. After reading all three issues, I have become an avid fan of the art and the story content. Especially after watching “The Nice Guys” and reading Chrononauts,  the buddy cop/crook story is on my radar.

The Fix begins with a pair of crooks robbing a retirement home. As they begin this despicable deed, the exposition explains their motives. As silly as it is, there is bit of an interesting ring of truth to it. Most monetary crimes are done online and most people rarely carry cash in their wallets. So it’s no wonder these crooks have to go to creative means to get the dough. As their robbery is bungled, these crooks are not just crooks. They are  a pair of crooked cops. Who actually go back to the retirement home they just robbed to do a police investigation. From that moment, I knew I was hooked.

These guys, Mac and Roy, are quite incompetent in their dual role but they are also keen observers of the situations around them. Exasperatedly,no matter how dire is,  it just seems to work out in their favor. Somehow, someway, I like these losers even as they become involve in the most stupidest and vile actions possible. Maybe because it’s through insanely elaborate means but by the end, I just can’t help but applaud the outcome. Especially issue #2.

Now, Roy and Mac are not just doing stupid things for the hell of it. They’re doing it to protect their own hides from a truly sinister character who lives on a gluten-free diet. To save their hides, they concoct a truly elaborate scheme involving getting shot in the hand and dealing with a beagle named Pretzels. They have also involved themselves with a child star-adult who has more going on in her mind than the media gives credit for. By the end of The Fix #3, my jaw had dropped. Let’s just say things escalated pretty quickly and the true heart of the story appears. For this is more than a buddy crook/cop slapstick comedy. This has become a comic of intrigue.

The artwork is what drew my eyes to the comic. There was a particular panel drawn of the child star-adult by Steve Lieber that had me pause. The eyes were huge, doe-like but full of sadness. It hearkened to a dark history of growing up in the spotlight and trying to survive in the present time.  He also captured how aggressively intimidating a beagle can be.

This comic is dark comedy gold and I would highly recommend for everyone (adults) to check this out. From what I understand, the first two issues were flying off the shelves so double check with your comic book retailer. The Fix #3  is also available now at your comic book retailer.

As much I loved the comic, I have to add this little tidbit to it. For those elbow deep into comics, the Hyda -Captain America issue has been a very sore point. Many have cried foul, burned comics, and have sent death threats to the creator. The name, Nick Spencer, may have been ingrained into your mind with feelings of hatred and betrayal. Nick Spencer is the writer for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 and also for The Fix series.  So right there, those who have felt strongly about the Captain America- Hydra revelation will have already dismissed this comic.

As a personal note, please take a breather. Comics are always evolving, always changing with the times. I am not a fan of Captain America, I am a Thor, Elektra, X-23, Runaways, and countless other Marvel characters. Each of these characters have had story lines or artwork that I did not agree with and therefore did not support. This did not mean my own views and thoughts of these characters have changed. For even though something can be considered canon, there is always a rebirth or a retcon or something. I understand the outrage from the fans but I also understand from the perspective of the creators. When there is a character that has become so big, so golden, so flawless, as a writer what would you be most tempted to do?

This has indeed sparked an amazing discussion of connections between fans and their characters, the role of the writer, and overall fandom entitlement. This Captain-Hydra outrage has spurred new life and energy into the business and it has been  pretty shocking and amazing to witness. However you may disagree or agree, I challenge you to read The Fix.  This may fracture the hatred a bit or it may harden it. What it will do nonetheless is to provide more interesting discussion.



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