Review: ‘Godzilla: Oblivion #3’


godzilla_oblivion_issue__3_cover__idw__by_hugeben-d9s5k7lAs near as I can tell, the Oblivion story arc is a gripping tale of exploration and science gone terribly wrong. In the first issue things start off okay, then they go catastrophically awry.

This, as one might expect, causes a bit of a panic. In issue #2 the scientists and the government attempt to correct the original mistake, while dealing with the fallout from what happened. People are dying, infrastructure is being destroyed, governments and other powers are generally unhappy. In their attempt to correct the problem they manage to not only make it worse, but they make it catastrophically worse.

This brings us, gentle reader, to issue #3. Now people are starting to get bitter about what the idiot corporation and their scientists unleashed upon the world. The scientist and his minions are working on a secret project they haven’t even told their corporate master about. You wouldn’t think it possible, at least I didn’t until I read the issue but, in an attempt to fix the problem, they not only make it worse, but they somehow make it catastrophically worse.

Yes, that’s worse to the third power as far as I can tell. I’m going to straight up say that I am truly enjoying this story arc. It is well written. Each panel amps up the tension and sense of impending doom. It is economical with words and illustrations. The art and coloration is gorgeous and every scene builds upon the last.

I would favorably compare Oblivion to Cataclysm in the Godzilla story arcs. Cataclysm is my current favorite but Oblivion is making a play for that spot.


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