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C'Loni Studios

Hello and welcome back to the Cosplay Feature of the week! This week we bring a rather talented and skilled seamstress to our spotlight: C’Loni Studios! C’Loni, founder of C’Loni Studios, caught my attention last year with the debut of her incredible Josephine cosplay from Dragon Age Inquisition. Since that time I have followed her endeavors and find myself in awe at her sewing abilities.

Welcome to FGN C’Loni! Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about you…

My name is C’loni Bailey, I’m 34 years old and my day job is the Assistant Manager at Bookmans in Mesa. My current obsessions are Captain America: Civil War, anything Winter Soldier, Overwatch and anything cosplay.

I love Bookmans. For anyone not in the Arizona area, Bookmans is a buy/sell/trade organization that offers everything from books to table tops games and more! Thank you very much for sharing your interests C’Loni. Now…the big question: What drew you into cosplay?

I got started in cosplay about 8 years ago because I wanted to make my own Renaissance Fair costume. I had never been to a convention before then (just to the Arizona Renaissance Festival which I loved)! I took one sewing class at Mesa Community College and I was hooked!

The Renaissance Fair seems to be a driving force for creativity in Arizona…that and its food is ridiculously delicious. I know you have taken some commissions as I have seen a few progress photos on social media. How did cosplay morph into a business for you?

Cosplay started to morph into a business when I started taking commissions for costume pieces from friends. Then I bought a vinyl cutter and heat press and started making my own geeky fandom t-shirts and accessories as well. However costumes were always my first love so my business focus has returned to that.

Vinyl cutters are REALLY cool. I would have a lot of fun with one of those. Your costumes are very detailed and have extremely clean finishes; that being said, have any sponsors approached you to work with/for them?

I haven’t had any big sponsors yet but I’m looking forward to the opportunity. I think more and more game companies and artists are starting to see the value of cosplayers and how they can be used to generate interest and advertise a product.

I agree with you on that. Cosplay is evolving daily and its exciting to witness the market explosion. Have you had the opportunity to create your dream cosplay yet?

13320709_967462143371504_8498436080695231620_oI actually just completed my dream cosplay which was Flemeth from Dragon Age. She is one of my favorite characters and it was a rewarding challenge to bring her to life. Unfortunately, due to the heat wave that blasted Phoenix Comicon this year, I only got to wear her for an hour before I started to overheat however; I am planning to bring her to DragonCon in September.

Dragon Con is not prepared for your Flemeth. She is AMAZING! With over 8 years of experience in this community what advice do you have for current cosplayers?

Keep practicing and learning new skills! When I started in cosplay, I never imagined my skills would develop to the level that they are now and there is still so much more to learn. The wonderful thing about cosplay is that it forces you to attempt the impossible and learn skills that you may have never considered learning in any other capacity. I’m not a armor maker but I had to learn the basics of it in order to bring Flemeth to life and although my skills focus on working with fabrics, learning to work with foam gave me a greater appreciating for the artists who are skilled at building foam armor now that I’ve attempted it myself.

My focus is typically armor however; in recent months most of my costumes have been fabric based so I understand the appreciation you speak of. I give MAD props to you and all other seamstresses/tailors out there. Sewing is hard. What would you like to offer the newer/younger generation of costumers/cosplayers?

Just dive in! Cosplay can seem intimidating to a first-timer, but remember that everyone was a first-timer at some point. Just pick an easy costume or even commission one from a skilled seamstress or prop-maker. Trust me, once you try it once, you’ll be hooked and then no one will stop you from making your own!

Hit the ground running is how I did it and that worked out pretty well. It seems as though it is time to start wrapping this wonderful chat up. Before I let you run off into the wilds of cosplay would you share with us who has inspired you?

My cosplay role models are most of my cosplay friends! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing and skilled people at conventions, and just bonding online. Arkady Cosplay and CommanderCait Cosplay are some of my favorite cosplayers. They have so much fun and are so skilled!

I just recently got turned on to Jessolaurus Rex who did an amazing Iron Bull and Venture Bros. cosplay. Of course I have to shout out my dear friends The Romance Options Dragon Age Costume Club who are the first costume group I have ever been a part of. Last but certainly not least, I have to mention Anabel Martinez and Allen Amis without whom my cosplay career would be nowhere near as awesome as it is now!

C’Loni Studios can be found/visited online at…

Here are a few of C’Loni’s lovely cosplay creations…

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