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Titan Comics has secured the right to create original Robotech stories. An anime that first aired in the United States in 1985, Robotech is a cult hit with new fans continuing to enjoy the series. The saga covers generations of fighters as they struggle to protect Earth after an alien technology crashes onto the planet. It turns out to be a very useful alien technology–so useful that everyone else wants it and Earth is soon invaded by the Zentradi and then the Invid.

Robotech wasn’t just about fighting invading aliens while using transforming Veritech fighters. It also had liberal doses of star-crossed love, soap opera passion, petty quarrels, and plotting. The thought of new stories set in that busy world makes this reader happy.

At Titan we’re thrilled to be publishing brand new Robotech comic books,” said Direct Sales & Marketing Manager Ricky Claydon. “It’s a privilege to contribute to the rich galactic tapestry of such a beloved franchise. Titan Comics promises to delight original fans and newcomers alike.

That is a tall order! We look forward to seeing the new series in early 2017. That leaves time to rewatch the series, which is available for purchase on Amazon, may well be available in your local library, and is probably something a friend or relative can loan you. And after rewatching?

Let the speculation begin! FangirlNation will be posting Robotech news as fast as we can!

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