‘Model Hunger’ Combines Cannibalism and Modeling (NSFW)


If you like horror, or maybe have just seen one too many episodes of Hannibal, Debbie Rochon’s new film Model Hunger is for you.

This trailer is very NSFW or kids:

Ginny was once a pin-up model until she was cast aside by the exploitation of the modeling industry. After not taking rejection well, she becomes a bloodthirsty, revenge seeker. After new neighbors move into the neighborhood, they notice Ginny is not just mentally unstable, but possibly dangerous. They plan to find out the secrets behind her life, and discover a world of cannibalistic addiction and an increasingly growing body count.

The film comes to DVD and streaming options on July 12, 2016. Model Hunger looks like a B-movie cannibalistic nut job thrill ride.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.50.29 AM


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