‘Raiders!’ Follows the Creation of the Ultimate Fan Film


Think you’re the most dedicated Indiana Jones fan ever? Chances are, no mater your devotion to Harrison Ford, you haven’t created a complete shot for shot remake of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the 1980’s, a trio of kids spent each summer creating their very own version of the iconic film. Whether it was to brush up on skills for special effects, or just escape the impending doom of their parents’ marriages, the three worked together to accomplish something for pennies that took Hollywood a crazy amount of money to make.

The film Raiders! is a documentary that explores the process of creating the film, the desire to finish one uncompleted sequence, and the drama that unfolded in the lives of the teenagers as they reached adulthood. It also covers the accidental discovery of the film, it’s rise to popularity, and how the now adults finished their film while competing with adult responsibilities.

Raiders! features interviews with Jonathan Rhys-Davies (Sallah from the Indiana Jones movies), Eli Roth, and professional internet bloggers and film nuts. Watching Jonathan Rhys-Davies get excited over the film was fantastic.

I absolutely adored Raiders!.  As a Fangirl myself, I know the kind of crazy extends we go for our passions, but I’ve honestly never made a shot for shot remake of anything. These kids gave up summer vacations and nearly burned down their homes to live their dreams. The film is fantastic and an a riveting documentary about fandom.

Raiders! is now in limited theater release and available on VOD.



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