Unboxed: June’s Loot Crate “Dystopia”


June's Loot Crate all togetherJune’s Loot Crate is one of the crates where how much you’ll like the loot depends on how much you like the franchise it presents. There’s nothing truly ghastly in the box, but there’s also nothing particularly exciting–except for the magazine. The magazine is always fun, and this one has a section by Yumi Lee and Ash Mahtani on “4 Ways to Dress for a Dystopia” that is especially good.

On to the items!

Fallout 4 Funko figureThe best item here is the Fallout 4 Power Armor Dorbz. Any fan of Fallout who collects Funko figures in even a small way will be pleased with this little guy. He’s cute and protected, both.
Robocop shirtThen there is the Robotech T-shirt, with the figure of the Robocop himself on the front, with some mayhem behind him. There’s nothing wrong with the shirt as such. It’s a perfectly reasonable item if you feel like wearing a blue-grey shirt with a blue-grey figure on it. I suppose that’s what one can expect of a dystopia? (Wait,seriously Spell Check? You don’t know dystopia? Who programmed you?). Fittingly, it is from Grey Matter Art.
The Matrix puzzleThe box also contains a Matrix puzzle from Cardinal Games, and no–I am not going to open the bag and spill out the pieces for a photo op. There are 300 of them. Once it’s put together, though, you’ll have what Loot Crate promises is “brand new artwork developed just for Looters.” There is a lot of grey in it (no surprise), so anyone assembling it is going to have to be super patient.
T2's metal faceAnd there’s a metal thing with the T2’s face. The magazine calls it “a metal print” and it comes from Loot Crate Lab. I guess maybe you could hang it on a wall and hope for sweet dreams? There’s no hole, though, and the shape is too shallow to hang well on a hook. Anyway–it looks nice, for what it is. It is definitely a “How much do you like the show” sort of item.
Bioshock Infinite KeyAnd there is a Bioshock Infinite Key from A Crowded Coop, which is pretty but will open nothing unless and until you get it cut–which is actually pretty nifty. No more wondering which is the house/gate/room/vault key. This one is at least practical, but still very much pegged on enthusiasm for the game in question.
Finally, there is the Loot Pin and the Loot Pin DLC which is really neat–Wallpaper and ring tones from Fallout 4 plus a “Fallout Shelter” game that “puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault . . . Build the perfect Vault, keep your Dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.” Sounds like sort of a dystopian Sim City–which means set aside some time because the chances are you’re not going to be done in twenty minutes. Note: I haven’t played it yet. I have this article to write.

So, overall, June’s Loot Crate is decent but not one to shout about. What did you think? And do you like the Dystopian theme?


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