Unboxed: June’s Loot Crate Level Up–Dystopia Rules


June’s Loot Crate Level Up is a mixed bag (or envelope) containing some great socks, a very nice pouch, a lovely necklace, and a shapeless shirt. I’d say it was a solid addition to the year’s geekdom spread.

June's Loot Crate Level Up SocksLet’s start with the socks: I think I am falling in love with the Loot Crate socks. I’m starting to wonder why they don’t have a just-the-socks subscription They do a sock subscription.. Should’ve checked!. First off, there’s a pair of Fallout 4 gas mask socks, suitable for anyone who likes any of the Fallout games. And there are Star Trek socks! How or why the Star Trek Federation is a dystopia, I don’t know–but the socks are great.

MNU T-ShirtAnd there are T-shirts. The District 9 Multi-National United T-shirt is nicer: It’s a good black and the pattern is classy.
Ghostbusters Baseball JerseyThe Ghostbusters baseball jersey, on the other hand, is a shapeless grey jersey. It has the Ghostbusters log on the front, a number on the back, and buttons. That’s really all there is to say about that.
Attack on Titan ChokerThe Attack on Titan choker necklace is a beauty, geeky jewelry that one could wear anywhere.

Firefly  carry-caseLast, there is a hanging case. It is a very nice hanging case with lots of little pockets in it, but I had to look in the pamphlet to find out that this was the promised Firefly item. Despite liking Firefly–and Serenity–I did only watch each once. Still–I also can’t find any pictures of Kaylee carrying anything like it. I can’t say she wouldn’t carry it, just that I didn’t think of her or the show when I saw it.

And that’s all folks! June’s Loot Crate Level Up is a solid 4 stars. No one will shoot rockets into the skies over any of the entries, but there is plenty to enjoy.


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