Now Your Kids Can Dress Like Elena of Avalor


Elena of Avalor with guitarElena of Avalor will not make her debut until July 22, but her merchandise precedes her. Her dress, her guitar, and her scepter are all available as are dolls, themed clothing, and books. The dress-up outfits are, of course, adorable. Like all the Disney Princess costumes, they are destined to be worn while running, climbing, and generally having a good time. One of the dresses looks shorter and designed for playing in, the other is longer and for indoor play. The shoes look like they’re good for some climbing activity.

The Elena doll is a great addition to the Princess line. Her bold colors make her stand out among the pastel princesses already there. Only Merida has anything like as dark. There is also a set of dolls including Elena and three others–Mateo, Naomi, and Gabe, but not little sister Isabella, not yet, anyway.

The availability of the items varies. Kohls has the Elena of Avalor clothing, anyone might have the play dress, and only the Disney stores have the dress-up dress. Click through the slideshow below for further information on availability.

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