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While roaming around Facebook I ran into Jessika Ros AKA Jinx Cosplay. It came as a surprise that this incredible world traveler (she works for airline!!!!) is from my native state of Arizona. After a small conversation I discovered that I have seen her before at Phoenix Comicon! Therefore it was my mission to capture this adventurer’s spirit in FGN’s Cosplay Feature of the Week!

Hello Jessika/Jinx Cosplay! Let’s start off with a bit about your truly awesome life…

Jinx CosplayI’m originally born in the Philippines and call Phoenix, Arizona my hometown as I moved there when I was a baby. I have been living in Dubai for the last 6 years working as a flight attendant! I get to go all over the world!

I’m a proud 32 year old geek and will be forever. I used to be big into anime in high school but now it’s mostly just gaming. My favorite anime are Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura (vintage!) and gaming wise, Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Borderlands, and most recently just got into Fallout.

I’m also in love with The Walking Dead and zombies!

Zombies! They are pretty awesome in a disturbing undead sort of way. So how were you drawn into cosplay?

Jinx Cosplay First CostumeWaaaay back when, San Diego Comicon was actually a staple summer vacation for my family of geeks…

In 1997, I was at SDCC where I saw a few cosplayers here and there. I was no stranger to costumes – my mom was a seamstress extraordinaire and was the master behind all of our home made Halloween costumes. I also saw a costumed booth babe for a comic book named Jinx – where I adopted my moniker- that year, too. After researching it online (you can imagine how primitive it was at the time) I planned my first cosplay with my mom’s help, Rinoa Heartilly from FF8 for SDCC2001.

That is a pretty cool origin story! I only recently discovered cosplay and conventions so I am always curious about what it was like before cosplay exploded into the massive community it is today. Since you have some experience under your belt has cosplay evolved into a business for you?

I don’t have any plans to make it into a business. It was purely just a hobby, like cons, it was seasonal. Only the last few years have I been taking it more seriously and expanding my skills! I usually tend to focus on video game cosplay.

I started out with video game cosplay and now I find myself drawn to anime…SO MANY PRETTY WEAPONS! Ok, distractions aside…have any sponsors approached you yet?

No sponsors as of yet! is like a unicorn: there one second and gone the next. You can only see it if you’re pure of heart…just kidding. But it really seems to be fickle. Now on to the BEST question: What is your dream cosplay?

Nene hard suit from the original Bubble Gum Crisis and it has been for years! I have plans to get into vacuuform plastic so I will make it a reality some day.

No…friggin…way! Pris is my dream cosplay from Bubble Gum Crisis! That is incredible! Since your start in 2001 I am sure you have seen many new techniques appear on the cosplay floor. What advice would you like to offer current cosplayers?

Do whatever it is you want and don’t worry what others think. Whether it be your body-consciousness or thinking your costume is so obscure no one will get it, remember that it’s a art form you do to express yourself and for yourself, no one else!

I couldn’t agree more! Anything for the “noobs” (we love you newbies – seriously, WE LOVE YOU) out there who are just getting started?

Don’t feel intimidated about what you see out there. Cosplay is for everyone and for all skill levels. But be open to learning, you can only get better with every project.

Are there any costumes (recent or past) that you are proud of?

#IGNPhotographyI was so proud when I finished my Mephilia Venus costume from Bravely Default. Just looking at it was intimidating, trying to figure out how to do the fairy wing skirt and attach it, but I managed to work it out and I was so happy with the outcome!

That is a lovely cosplay! Well it seems our time is close to being done. Before we part ways…who has inspired you from the cosplay community and beyond?

It has and always will be Yaya Han. She is such a pioneer in the cosplay world, especially in the early days. She has managed to make her hobby into a business and I think that’s the ideal world anyone would like to be in. I’m glad to be able to call her a friend!

For more about Jinx Cosplay please visit her on…

Here is just a glimpse into the life long passion Jinx has had for cosplay…

Images collected from The Jinx Cosplay.

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