Magic The Gathering: Eldritch Moon



If the owl passed over your house,  there was no hidden passageway through your wardrobe, or none of the books at the bookstore contained the auryn on the cover, then there is a game that will get you close to magic as possible. Or a better analogy, watch how your money disappears from your wallet, like maaaaaagic.

Of all the card games available on the market, Magic the Gathering is by far my favorite. No matter how long of a hiatus I take from it, I can always jump right back in it with no problem. I chose a great time to be back in the thick of things, for everyone has gone MAD!

For the uninitiated, the game may seem like a bunch of people staring intently at their cards around a table (which is true but only because there is major strategists at work). Based on a very rich history of lore, the game consists of the player who is a “planeswalker”- powerful mages that can cross dimensions (hence we “walk” on “planes”).   The basic gameplay is that each player is attacking other players using creatures  (the cards) to attack or block. To bring these creatures out of your hand, you need to spell them out to the field; you are a mage after all. Everyone knows a mage needs a source of power. This is where the five colors of magic comes in. The five colors: Red, Green, Black, White, and Blue are not only sources of magic but also general traits of the deck. With gameplay and experience, the essential personality of the colors (and they indeed have personality) will become more familiar.

I am very fond of playing Black and White cards, polar opposites in power and traits. Black cards contain a lot of death and decay, so you can expect to find the bulk of zombies, horrific creatures, and lots of blood stuff. White represents life,so this deck usually contains cards that will prolong your life or protect it. As you can probably glean, I take life and maintain longevity. I am a very annoying but gleeful player.

As someone who loves the black deck, this new story arc is driving me mad with happiness!!!! Another aspect of Magic the Gathering is the epic storytelling behind the cards. Knowing the lore will give you a deeper sense of knowledge but it’s not necessary for a casual game.

Everything is in chaos. The most powerful protectors of the world are losing their mind and nothing is going right. A lot of attention is being placed in Innistrad, a dark and horrible dimension where your nightmares thrive. This is where my absolute favorite planeswalker steps into the darklight: Liliana.

I have no words on how excited this trailer makes me!!!




The people behind Magic the Gathering have been teasing out the story and new cards. Check out the video for some more explanation of what’s to come:


If there was ever a time to get into the most awesome card game ever, now would be a great time. Awww heck, anytime is a great time. This time, the story is getting gritty, fun, and so much darkness. I am expecting some crazy cards with amazing art that is going to drive everyone crazy!!!!

If you want to get into Magic the Gathering, I would suggest picking up a starter deck (roughly about $15) at your local game or comic book store. Look to for local gaming groups. For the ladies, check out the Lady Planeswalker Society.  I would also suggest checking out the main Magic the Gathering website as a starting point and then checking out Spellslingers on Geek and Sundry. Have fun!!!!


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