‘Penny Dreadful’ Lives on in Issue #2 of the Comic


The Penny Dreadful TV show may have come to a shocking close, but Titan Comics lets it live on for us.


After teaming up with Jonathan Harker in issue #1, Vanessa Ives and the others gather in a church to discuss what has happened to Mina. Vanessa looks into Jonathan’s mind and sees his memories in regards to the changes that overcame Mina as she fell under the sway of Dracula.

The artwork is gorgeous and stark, the story line easy to follow.  In one particular panel, Quincy Morris makes it very clear that he is “not an American” but “a Texan.” As someone who lives in Texas, this was pretty funny. We might just be the only state that has Hormel party platters in the shape of our state.  The comic is worth reading, provided you can take yourself out of the actual writings Penny Dreadful bases itself on.

And now, I’m going to go all Dracula scholar on you for a minute if I may. THE TIMELINE IN THIS COMIC DOESN’T MATCH UP TO THE STOKER NOVEL AT ALL. If you’re comfortable with a complete change in timeline, specifically for Lucy Westenra and Quincy Morris, you’re going to be fine. If you’re reread Dracula 47 times, you’re probably going to be at least briefly tugging at your hair. This might just be a Literature Major problem.

Penny Dreadful #2 is now available from Titan Comics.

Penny_Dreadful_2_Cover_B Penny_Dreadful_2_Cover_A


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