Orphan Black: Helsinki Fills in the Blanks of the Popular TV Show


cover86852-mediumIn Season 3 of Orphan Black, a single word whispered through Project Leda seemed so sinister: Helsinki. In the graphic novel collection, Orphan Black: Helsinki, readers get to find more about the meaning.  A young woman with a burned face lives and is homeschooled under the care of her uncle. Awoken from a dream screaming the name “Rachel,” she realizes the power has gone out in her house, yet the light on her alarm clock is still active. Looking at the clock she discovers her uncle has been video taping her. Frightened he is some sort of a pervert, she uses her key logger to see what else he has been up to. When she discovers he is monitoring others, she launches into action and escapes. She makes her way to Nikki, the closest of the girls she’s to help. She quickly learns that she looks just like Nikki. The two, along with some help, find themselves finding more and more details about others that look just like themselves. The mission is dangerous, and it isn’t long until they find their lives in danger.

Orphan Black: Helsinki features a few familiar faces, including  one such clone from season one before her rather horrific death. The comic gives us a deeper look at why Ferdinand was so friendly when he returned to the DYAD institute, and why the clones had not met sooner. Orphan Black: Helsinki does a great job of connecting the dots in between the episodes of the TV show.

If the rabbit hole of Orphan Black has not gone deep enough for you yet, make sure you’re picking up the comics from IDW Publishing.

Orphan Black: Helsinki is available July 12, 2016.


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