‘Anything for a Vote’ Shows Us That Dirty Elections Are Not a Modern Invention


cover70057-medium (1)Think the Hilary Clinton/Donald Trump election race is getting ugly? The 2016 election has seen its share of backbiting and hateful remarks. Lies and falsehoods are bandied about between political parties and no candidate appears to be immune. As horrifying as it may seem to get daily memes and news articles posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, mudslinging is as old as the U.S. Presidency itself. In the book Anything for a Vote, Joseph Cummins goes all the way back to George Washington to investigate the politics of a presidential election.

Anything for a Vote breaks each campaign into a short description of the candidates, the campaign and how it was run, and the winner.  Did you know Grover Cleveland was called out for a decades old affair? Not just Clinton, folks. On the campaign trail, Abraham Lincoln was accused of only changing his socks every 10 days. The book goes all the way up to the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, so don’t think our current president is safe from this book.

It’s pretty crazy to think that after so many attempts to get presidential elections right that we’re still running them dirty. Joseph Cummins does a great job of showing us that the only new thing about the dirt in presidential elections is how quickly the dirt is spread now.

Anything for a Vote is now available from Quirk Books.


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