Black Science #22 Opens a Stunning New Arc


Black Science #22 Cover ArtThe ever-unpredictable Black Science has changed again. The new arc which starts with Black Science #22 moves away from the dream vision of the last arc and into Edgar Rice Burroughs territory. Years have passed while Grant figured out his memories and the Pillar and set out in search of his team. Pia, now a young woman, is busy making peace on the planet where she settled when her father crashes the party.

One of the joys of Black Science is never knowing quite what will happen next. Rick Remender plays with space opera, moving it around and bending the pieces to make it do what he wants. What started out as a tale of lost wanderers trying to get home has gone through war zones, death cults, dream visions, and now turned toward John Carter type territory with Pia as the otherworldly visitor in a colorful and strange land. This being Black Science, the likelihood of her achieving a lasting peace and a happy ending out of all of this is slim—though, who knows? Remender may surprise readers here, too. In any case, the complicated story he weaves remains addictive.

Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio have created a strange, bright world, all angles and odd perspectives with three distinctive races inhabiting it. Pia’s new, more angular look pulls her closer in appearance to her father, even as her behavior has followed his in ways she cannot see. The textures and colors together with Scalera’s art make this book a standout on the shelves.

I highly recommend reading Black Science from the beginning, but Black Science #22 is the beginning of a new arc and should allow newcomers to step on board. The series as a whole will please fans of space opera, fifties science fiction, and complex stories.


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