Meet Riri Williams, The New Iron Man



Riri Williams. Remember that name, because chances are you’re going to hear a lot of unnecessary drama associated with it over the next few weeks in the comic book world. That’s because Ms. Williams is the new Iron Man.

With Marvel Civil War II going down, there’s been a lot of talk as to what is going to happen to Tony Stark. With three major storylines converging on the infamous playboy (he just found out who his parents really are, his company is collapsing, and oh yeah his best friend just died), Marvel has warned us to not count out Stark just yet. In the meantime, he needs someone to step into the role, and who better than a genius already on his radar.

The man who is bringing Ms. Williams to life, Brian Michael Bendism is known for stirring up controversy and creating some incredible characters in the process. Remember Jessica Jones? She’s now a big player on the Marvel stage and also one of his. Riri Williams is 15- years old and brilliant. She reverse-engineered the Iron Man suit herself in her dorm room. While she’s sticking to the name for now, she’s working on one for herself. Williams showed up on the Iron Man stage earlier this year in issue #7 of Invincible Iron Man. She is a genius that attends M.I.T. and is more than a worthy successor. Even Robert Downey Jr. supports the replacement.

So why is this such a big deal in the comic world? Fear. We’ve done this before with Thor, and the world didn’t explode. Ghostbusters with a female cast is getting rave reviews, despite a ridiculous amount of complaining on the internet. I would advise readers to give it at least a few issues before complaining. Look for Riri Williams this fall in Invincible Iron Man #1, but don’t assume you’re losing Tony Stark in the process.




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