The Easter Bunny is Evil in Matt Wallace’s Pride’s Spell


Wallace_PridesSpell_finalFor anyone that has read a Matt Wallace Sin du Jour book, you know that there is going to be some serious craziness the second you lose yourself into the hilarious pages. In Lust Locked, we saw the Sin du Jour crew go up against a Goblin Wedding. In Envy of Angels, the crew catered a demon ascension. In Pride’s Spell, they face their most dangerous catering gig ever; a Hollywood premiere.

Bronko has not been the same since the Goblin Wedding. Strangely off his game, the rest of his crew is unaware that he has been tormented by visions of carving up his own body for a live studio audience and is given constant reminders that his mind, body, and soul belong to the forces of darkness. His crew is still licking their wounds and is greatly thankful to have a few days off. When they gather together, Bronko surprises the staff by letting them know that half of the team is headed to Hollywood for a movie premiere, while the rest of the crew remain in New York to cater a centaur convention.

It isn’t long after Bronko steps away that hell seems to step up it’s game. In New York, the remaining Sin du Jour staff is attacked by a group of deadly, albeit holiday specific assassins. All contact options are eliminated, preventing Bronko and the crew from being warned that their Hollywood premiere just might be the last gig they ever cater.

Like the previous two books in the series, there is a great deal of comedy mixed in with some pretty horrific imagery. For example, Ritter and crew are attacked by an evil Easter Bunny, A Jack-o-lantern, Cupid and Santa himself. The initial image is hilarious, until you realize that our characters are actually in danger from things like acid Easter Eggs and some pretty wicked reindeer.  My personal favorite sequence involves the ghoul forms of former Hollywood power players eating the ashes of a thousand internet bloggers.

Pride’s Spell is possibly the best book in the series so far. Now that we’ve bonded with the characters over two books and gotten to understand their personalities, the pages fly by. I found myself deeply wanting the book to continue. As always, the book is filled with hilarious dialogue and pretty insane situations. Wallace’s description of the foods prepared, especially a few references to a local taco stand, made my mouth water and make me long for the days where I could just walk to my local taco truck. Don’t read hungry, or you may find yourself over eating.


Pride’s Spell is  now available from Tor books June 21, 2016.


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