Pokemon Go: Time to Be the Very Best, Like No One Ever Was


IMG_3230To catch them is your real test, to train them is your cause.

IMG_3186Pokemon Go is finally here and over the last 5 days trainers from around the country have been searching far and wide for their favorite pocket monsters. The game is a combined effort from Niantic Labs and Nintendo that brings the original 150 Pokemon into our world through augmented reality. Players are able to catch Pokemon in real time as well as battle for control over gyms. There are also Pokestops where players can get supplies such as poke balls, berries, and potions. Gyms and Pokestops are located at historical sites and points of interests. Various Pokemon pop up along the way depending on the location and any lures.

IMG_3190The app quickly climbed the charts surpassing social media apps like Facebook and Twitter for being most downloaded and most used. Fans of the franchise, celebrating 20 years, have been flooding local landmarks and parks to see what they can find. Many players devoting entire days or the weekend to catching and training their Pokemon. Many are crediting the game with getting them outside and active. When a lure has been set to catch rare Pokemon, it also brings in other players in most of whom are meeting for the first time and creating new friendships. The gyms bring in a friendly competition and work as a version of capture the flag. Gamers have been seen gathering around gyms strengthening their gyms while others try to take it over for their team.

IMG_3204The game has come with some dangers. In Missouri, players have been attracted by lures set and then robbed. A girl in Nebraska found a dead body while searching for water Pokemon. Other people have twisted ankles and fallen from not watching where they are going.

Over all the game has been fun and interactive for players who have devoted time to leveling up their Pokemon. The creators of the game have said that this is the most basic versions and updates will be coming allowing for more interaction with other players and better versions of the augmented reality features.

U.S. players can get the game now in the Android and Apple app stores.


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