‘Heroine Chic’ Gets a Season Two on Line Webtoons



It isn’t over for Zoe Palmer. After a full season of fashion and mayhem, our heroine has returned for a second season with a few new surprises. Created by New York Times bestselling writer David Tischman and illustrated by Audrey Mok, 26 more chapters will be appearing once a week at Line Webtoons. 


The series is set in a New York City populated by superheroes, fashion icons, and designers. 24 year-old Zoe Porter has no super-powers, but dreams of launching her own line at Fashion Week. To make ends meet, she’s stuck as a stylist and assistant to Dyna Cuff, the biggest name in designer superhero costumes in New York. Dyna is a difficult boss and it turns out superheroes are the most vain and insecure people in good old NYC.

Season two has Zoe handling her own business, enjoying her new boyfriend, and maybe even a few hints about her getting some super-powers of her own.

You can view Heroine Chic Season two at Line Webtoons or via the Line Webtoons application for your phone.


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