Marvel’s ‘Foolkiller’ is A Merc With A Degree in Psychology



What does an antihero do with a degree in Psychology? Why, help reform villains of course! Marvel’s Foolkiller, written by Max Bemis and art is by Dalibor Talajić, puts mental health education to work. Greg Salinger, aka Foolkiller, plans to improve the Marvel Universe with his therapy skills, one villain at time.  However if he can’t cure them, he might have to kill them. The old habits  of a former hired killer are hard to put a damper on, it seems.

For Greg, he’s kind of an outsider in the normal person community, because he was a friggin’ vigilante and he’s actually a lunatic,” continued Bemis. “I think all of my work will probably have that theme…there’s always some kind of fish out of water-ish scenario, because that’s my neurotic thing.”



At least in this case, the saying that therapists need the most help for their minds just might be the case. Foolkiller will be taking on famous Marvel villains one at a time, and if he can’t get to the bottom of their madness, he may have to find a more violent solution.

Foolkiller comes to comic book stores and digital download this fall.  I’d love to see him go up against Loki.




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