Spectrum #1 Gives Us Firefly Feels



Fans of Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will most likely be aware of their current webseries, Con Man. For everyone who hasn’t been paying close attention to their careers, Con Man follows the star of a science fiction series- that met its end well before its time (sound familiar, Browncoats?)- as he hits the convention circuit. The real fun for comic book fans starts with Spectrum – the cancelled-­too-­soon sci-­fi epic that is being told in comic book form.

From cover to cover there is so much to love about Spectrum #1. As the Earth finds itself in the middle of a devastating attack, Cash Wayne (Tudyk’s character) and James Raaker (Fillion’s character) find themselves desperate to get to Cheyenne base. We get a taste for each character’s personality as circumstances cause them to collide. Meanwhile, on another planet, Kitheria is trying to get off planet and looking for an old acquaintance to help her. The issue moves quickly, efficiently introducing characters and their situations while maintaining a fantastic sense of humor. Tudyk and Haarsma do an excellent job bringing in a sense of dramatic tension and the issue leaves the reader desperate for the next issue.

As enjoyable as the writing is, the real standout in this issue is Sarah Stone’s illustration. Each panel is beautifully detailed and vibrantly colored. Wayne and Raaker look like Tudyk and Fillion so much that it makes it impossible to read the comic without hearing their voices in your head. Faces are rendered with a skill that allows them to be incredibly expressive. Stone is a true talent.

If you’ve been campaigning for new episodes of Firefly, Spectrum #1 will help you scratch that itch. If you’ve been having Battlestar Galactica withdrawals, you’ll find your fix right here. If neither of those things is your cup of tea, but you’re still into science fiction, spaceships, and stuff blowing up, you’re going to want to pick up Spectrum #1.

And, hey, maybe give Con Man a watch.


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