Wonder Woman Celebrates 75 Years


Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International with a little help from the US Postal Service and DC Comics.

This Saturday at San Diego Comic Con, DC will be hosting a panel entitled “Wonder Woman 75” at 3pm in room 6DE. The panel will feature Gal Gadot, the star of the upcoming standalone live action Wonder Woman film. Also on hand will be the director, Patty Jenkins, and artists Jim Lee and Nicola Scott.

Wonder Woman is also getting her own Forever Stamp from the US Postal Service.  Her diamond anniversary stamps will chronicle her World War II origins, all the way to the modern version of today. There are four different designs on the 20 stamp sheet, from four different comic book eras: Golden Age (1941–55), Silver Age (1956–72), Bronze Age (1973–86) and Modern Age (1987–present).

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What does a girl have to do to get a statue around here?! While they are stamps, at least their value is forever, rather than ending up as a statue in front of a Bed Bath and Beyond in Brooklyn. Seriously though, DC; I want to see some serious fanfare for Wonder Woman.



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