‘Mother, Could You Not’ is a Painfully Funny True Mother-Daughter Story


9781101907047Kate Siegel’s mother loves to speak with her. In fact, she texts her multiple times a day and calls more than regularly. While some people have helicopter moms, Kate Siegel has a “drone mother.”  Her mother -Kim- gives out Kate’s phone number to people she meets at Starbucks, uses the dating site Bumble to find dates for Kate, and is more than a little bit open about her sex life. Her mother is also Kate’s biggest and most imaginative supporter.

When Kate threw out the idea of posting Instagram pictures of some of her mother’s more insane quotes, her mother wholeheartedly agreed without shame. After a Buzzfeed post, Kate found her Instagram blowing up. She has now written the book Mother, Could You Not and it is painfully funny. Kate Siegel covers her life as a young teen, her mother attempting to get her into Princeton, and the insane lengths the two went to for a chance at creating their own Jersey Shore-style show.

For those close to their moms, this book is going to be full of humor bombs that hit very close to home. Kate’s mother’s pride in her daughter is palatable, but her attempts to hook her up with eligible bachelors and discussions of her daughter’s sex life left me both wincing and laughing out loud simultaneously.  I was laughing so hard, I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting over a few hours.

Mother, Could You Not is now available and should be read immediately before passing it on to your mother.

If you aren’t following Kate Siegel’s CrazyJewishMom Instagram, now is the time.


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