Oh My Gods: The Trailer for ‘American Gods’ is Spot On


Over the past few months, every perfect casting choice has tumbled quietly onto Twitter. Now, Starz has finally released a teaser trailer for Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and in short, I am Fangirling out like no one’s business.

If you heard me make that massive Squee noise in all 50 states, I hope you were joining in. Not only does the casting look amazing, the visuals are incredible. DID YOU SEE THE TREE?! My Fangirl cool has gone completely out the window and I’ve rewatched this trailer 5 times so far.

If you’ve never read the book American Gods, go get a copy right now. If you’re not the reading type, the full cast audio book production is worth a listen. The more you delve in, the more you see how perfect the casting choices are and how amazingly spot on this trailer is. I’m working through my second read of the book in under a year with no shame.

2017 cannot come fast enough.


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