The First Teaser for Star Trek: Discovery


Star Trek: Discovery Logo

SDCC 2016 continues to give good news. This time, the revelation is that of the title and ship name for the new Star Trek series plus a short teaser reel of the Starship Discovery.

The ship looks good, and I love the whole “using an asteroid for a station” concept. I do hope that is not going to be the music; I’ve always loved the full orchestral music used for most of the Star Trek shows (I’m just going to ignore the Enterprise muzak here). There’s still no news on the crew, but I’m sure that’ll be trickling out soon.

It seems strange to have a ship out there that isn’t called Enterprise. Deep Space Nine may have had the Defiant, but that was not the focus of the show, nor did the ship share any of the Enterprises’ more or less peaceful goals. Discovery on the other hand sounds like it’s going to be going out there “to seek new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” Should be fun.

The dampener on the excitement for U.S. and Canadian fans is that the show will only be available on CBS All Access, which means many people will have to choose between an extra expense or waiting until the show comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray–which I think it is safe to assume it will. People outside of the U.S. and Canada can rejoice: The show will be airing on Netflix for you all! Star Trek: Discovery is set to start airing in early 2017.


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