The First, Wonderful Wonder Woman Trailer


In action from Wonder Woman TrailerWe have the first Wonder Woman trailer! The trailer shows a powerful, determined young woman who is ready to change the world. While not exactly bright and cheerful (this is World War I we’re talking about), the movie looks like it is going to have both humor and hope, putting this trailer miles above anything shown for Batman v. Superman.

Also, it has Etta Candy. She only gets the briefest of introductions, but I like her style, and I do look forward to seeing the friendship between the warrior and the secretary take shape. Neither woman looks to take much nonsense, but other than that, they are very different people with different backgrounds and approaches to life. Here’s hoping Etta gets to shine–and not by shooting someone.

Wonder Woman does not come out in theaters until June 2017, so there is still plenty of time left for speculation, nitpicking, and wonder before the movie. Starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright the movie is directed by Patty Jenkins.

Etta Candy in Wonder Woman TrailerAs it is a long-overdue superhero movie with a female lead, and as it is Wonder Woman, the movie has an unenviable amount of expectation, hope, and doubt riding on it–more than a single movie should have to bear. One woman shouldn’t have to be all women superheroes, and that is what Gal is being asked to play.

The trailer, at least, makes it look like all involved have chosen to focus on this one story and this one hero, giving it a distinctive voice and view. It is a promising beginning.


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